1. Projects must be based and commissioned within India.

  2. Projects submitted for the SI India Awards 2019 are not eligible for entry into 2021 edition.

  3. Only projects that are fully commissioned and handed-over between April 2019 to March 2021 qualify.

  4. Projects must be undertaken and commissioned by companies registered in India.

  5. Companies can submit a maximum of three projects; however, each project can be submitted only once under any of the categories.

  6. Entries must be fully completed to be eligible for consideration.

  7. Entries must be submitted before 6 August 2021 (midnight by IST) to be eligible for consideration.

  8. Final discretion of judgment lays with the Judges Panel; no interaction will be entertained in this regard at any stage of the process, once an entry is submitted to the Panel.

  9. By submitting the entries, companies and the client concerned thereof unequivocally agree to allow Spinworkz Pte Ltd to use the entry material (text and visuals)- in print and/or digital media for the purpose of

    a. promoting the Awards’ cause
    b. publishing within the Systems Integration Asia magazine columns, website and e-newsletter
    c.  during the Awards event

  10. Information provided thereof with the submissions must be fully true. Should there be a discrepancy found, Spinworkz Pte Ltd will clarify with the company concerned before deciding if the project should be rejected from the Awards.
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