We are pleased to introduce our People Awards. There are three categories:

  • YOUNG AV PROFESSIONAL OF THE YEAR (INDIA) (Nominee must be 35 years or below)

You may only submit one nomination per category. The nominee can only be placed in one category and not repeated.  It is not necessary for you to nominate for all the categories.

Nominees can be from any organisation involved in the AV eco-system within India. They could be from a manufacturer office, distributor, AV consultancy, systems integrator, AV design company, freelancer.

You cannot nominate yourself.

Criteria for nominating
To help you make an informed decision please consider the following about your nominee. It is not necessary that the person has to fulfill all the considerations below:

  • Excellence: Has the nominee demonstrated excellence in their respective fields. This could be based on exceptional performance, achievement, skill, or talent. The individual’s work should stand out and be of exceptional quality or impact.
  • Leadership: Does the nominee show leadership qualities? This includes the ability to inspire and motivate others, demonstrate effective decision-making skills, and show initiative in driving positive change or innovation.
  • Impact: Has the person created a positive effect on a the AV industry, community, or society as a whole, in India?
  • Innovation: Has the individual introduced new ideas, concepts, or approaches to their field of expertise. Innovation showcases a person’s ability to think creatively, solve problems, and bring about positive change through originality and forward-thinking.
  • Consistency: Is the individual consistent in performance or achievement? It demonstrates an individual’s commitment, dedication, and ability to consistently deliver outstanding results or make significant contributions to their field.
  • Influence: Is the individual influential within the AV industry in India? This can include factors such as their reputation, the number of people they have influenced or inspired, and their ability to shape or contribute to trends, policies, or practices.
  • Contribution to the field: Has the individual made notable contributions to the AV industry in India.  This could be in the form of being actively involved in promoting the industry, working with AVIXA or other organisations to better the industry standards; being an educator to help fellow AV professionals.

The above are some of the considerations and is not meant to be limiting.